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Zelda Dungeon Master



I have discontinued my Megaman Project due for many reasons as one being many files being lost. My new Zelda Dungeon Master game will be for the PC and this will not be coded in C++.

You can find more about it at www.mailaspsp.ueuo.com/zelda/zelda.html

New Sections!



Hey guys, just to let you all know we have some new sections out now!

The new sections are:




Ya, not that much eh? Well this is just a project release site so don't expect much good features. Atleast we got some forums going. Come and chat in the forums and register now!

MPB v1.7 Finally Released



You guys deserve an update. Its been so long, but hey, just remind you that its finally here! Phew. But the bad part is, not much has been done like i promised. I apologize for that but the bullet system was pretty hard to do.

The score tally is unfortunately not up, as for I havn't set any collisions for the bullet path yet. I apologize, for all you can do now is shoot with the Right button, and sqaure button. Hey, atleast its multiple bullets :D

[ MPB v1.7 ]

MPB v1.1 Released




I have been able to get the peramiters set up (make it so that the players dont go off the screen) but I still am waiting for a shooting example as the bullets aren't likely to show on the screen yet, although I do have something that you guys may not have expected...A background switcher!! I have added two new backgrounds and they have now been placed in a Backgrounds folder in the Images directory.
Im still desired for my other features to put on, but nothing else is being done on this project until the shooting is up and running. Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Inscomniac (my favourite coder :D) for help on the background switcher. To use:

Press The R Trigger button, but please press it once at a time as it goes rapidly. My next release is not set yet for the shooting will take a while, but I for sure will get the score tally up for my next release.

[ MPB v1.1 ]

A Few Sketch Ups




I was able to do one or two updates on my project.

I was able to set the peramiters for the screen [thanks again to insomniac for a bit of a fix up he did from an error I got :) ] and I will be getting two new backgrounds as you can see from my previous background..its a bit of a crap-shack of work to me :D

Anyways my next release will hopefully be either tommorrow or friday.

MPB v1.0



As you can see I have been able to move my Y position of my Megaman and Protoman image blits. Thats practicly all you can do right now though:

Future Updates:

  • Enable Shooting
  • Add In Bullet Collisions
  • Enable Screen Peramiters
  • Score Tally

    { MPB v1.0 }


Megaman: Platform Blaster

What this project is about is where you ride a platform (either you are Proto Man Or Megaman) by either using the UP and DOWN or TRIANGLE and CIRCLE buttons (depending on which character you are) to move up or down and avoid you're players aposing bullet. Although only 1 bullet is the chance to kill you, which is why to make it easy on you, there are blocks which you must destroy to get to you're opponent. Im going to be adding some features like:

  • Being Able To Risk A Live To Put You're Blocks Back Together Incase you're opponent has knocked them all down
  • Risking A Life To Automatically Destroy All You're Opponents Block
  • Power Ups
  • Stuff like that. Im just about ready to work on the shooting.

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